Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Coming up . . .

Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) is a complex heart defect. If you have ToF, you are born with four different heart problems:

  • A hole in the wall between your heart’s main pumping chambers (ventricular septal defect or VSD)
  • A valve between your heart and lungs that is too narrow (pulmonary stenosis or PS)
  • A right heart chamber with walls that are too thick (right ventricular hypertrophy)
  • A major blood vessel (aorta) that is misplaced or moved (overriding aorta)

Stella is 8 years old.  She is a sweetheart.  She is super imaginative.  She is our worrier.  She is a daydreamer.  She is great at math.  She loves playing with friends.  

Tuesday, March 28th, she is going in for her 2nd open heart surgery.  She is getting a new pulmonary valve.

Matt and I will be trying to update this blog regularly to keep family and friends informed on her progress.  Thank you all for your prayers and love!


  1. You forgot Brave and Fiesty. Such a remarkable girl. We love our Stella and all the Petersons.

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